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Download ตัวเกม Minecraft 1.8.1 + Optifine

Download ตัวเกม 1.7.2 + Optifine + Forge

Download ตัวเกม 1.7.9 + Optifine

Download ตัวเข้าเกม Minecraft ทุก Version [เลือก Version ได้]

Last Download

Filename File Size Downloads Last Download
Minecraft_Smilekrub_Server_1.8.1_[V.2].exe144.86 mb0 ago30463 Times
Minecraft_1-7-9_Optifine.zip133.93 mb0 ago74719 Times
Tackle_Plays_1-5-1_1-5-2.zip17.2 mb0 ago37302 Times
Diversity_v1.2.9.zip14.91 mb0 ago7364 Times
Minecraft-1-6-2-Optfine.mp457.13 mb0 ago3071 Times
Smilekrub_World_(1-6-2_-_1-7-2).part01.rar95.37 mb0 ago11192 Times
Smilekrub_World_(1-6-2_-_1-7-2).part17.rar95.37 mb0 ago3280 Times
MC_Open_Launcher.zip31.24 mb0 ago28513 Times
Tackle_Survival_1-7-9.zip147.25 mb0 ago44457 Times
Tackle_Play_1-7-9_Not_Complete_07-2014.zip92.7 mb1 minute ago19108 Times
Minecraft_Tackle_Map_11-10-2554.zip12.75 mb3 minutes ago22188 Times
Mineshafter-launcher.jar0.09 mb8 minutes ago1699 Times
Tackle_Plays_1-4-7.zip5.17 mb13 minutes ago8951 Times
Tackle_Map_1-5-3_Beta.zip14.9 mb28 minutes ago11470 Times
MinecraftSP.jar0.13 mb32 minutes ago90550 Times
Minecraft_1-7-2_forge-optifine.zip209.42 mb34 minutes ago68706 Times
Smilekrub_World_(1-6-2_-_1-7-2).part18.rar80.21 mb47 minutes ago12305 Times
Tackle_Map_Minecraft_1-2-5.zip11.64 mb50 minutes ago46264 Times
Tackle_Minecraft1-7-9_5-11-2557_NotFinish.zip144.88 mb1 hour ago30431 Times
DIVERSITY_2_PACKAGE.zip48.57 mb1 hour ago10237 Times
Pazera_Video_Converters_Suite_1-4.zip37.89 mb1 hour ago13895 Times
Mineshafter-launcher.jar0.35 mb1 hour ago18429 Times
Edgecraft_v1.01.zip10.78 mb2 hours ago10508 Times
ModLoader_1.2.5.zip0.1 mb2 hours ago12143 Times
OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_S_C6_Smooth.zip0.25 mb3 hours ago15696 Times
Greenland_Smilekrub.rar4725.82 mb4 hours ago729 Times
Minecraft_1-5-1_Optifine_How_to_use_More.mp4174.67 mb4 hours ago3953 Times
Make_Windows_7_Fast.mp452.26 mb5 hours ago6291 Times
Tackle_Minecraft_Sound_1-2-5.zip81.01 mb5 hours ago18376 Times
Smilekrub_Map_1-4-6_To_1-5-2.zip1311.31 mb6 hours ago11427 Times

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